!@#$% (datewith_ikea) wrote,

smile and prepare for all the words he screams give him a reason - anything but silence or the truth

Mabye I'm not completely out of love, but I sure as hell don't feel what I felt a year ago. There's nothing that you or anyone can say or do to make me feel the way I used to. It's done. It's over. Nothing else needs to be done. Nothing can make me change my mind. I'm moving on.

Remember how he held you for all those lonely nights
you know you shared
and remember how you never cared about anything he said.
well now he's dead to you so bury him instead......

tear me apart for pouring out my heart.
you know it wouldn't phase you in the least.
i hate you now.
remember how i held you for all the lonely nights
you know we shared
and remember how you never cared about anything i said
and now i'm dead to you.
so bury me instead."

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